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Port Aransas Jetty

The Port Aransas Jetty is home to many boats, including our infamous Scat Cat and Wharf Cat, and provides docking for the numerous catches we unfold. We are also home to several other boats, providing docking for them. Alas, we can be a home for you too! Our Jetties are the perfect places for you to come down and relax a weekend, or even more. But, what is a Jetty? Well, put simply, it a docking place for boats. But it is also the home to several catches, and you can read some stories from our numerous collection below.

Port Aransas Jetty CatchesPort Aransas Jetty Boats

Port Aransas Jetties can be found at numerous fishing locations, but Fisherman’s Wharf is the home to several famous catches. In recent times, we’ve had such catches as a Unique Strawberry Grouper and a Rare Sailfish—both along the shores of our Port Aransas Jetties.

We also bring together families, and keep traditions alive here. You can check out our story on Daddy Daughter Fishing and the Father-Son Duo, and see the traditions we’ve kept alive. Specifically, the numerous Port Aransas Jetties we have around are the home to these several stories. Why can’t you be the next one? Come down to our home to find your next catch.

We are also home to some of the largest catches you could imagine. With our 282lb Mako Shark, 502lb Mako Shark, and 109lb Spinner Shark, you just know we can’t be beaten in size. But those are just our sharks—we have plenty of other catches as well! With our 82lb Black Grouper and 147lb Yellowfin Tuna, you can find fish that just blow your mind to see. Finally, we proudly own the Bluefin Tuna State Record!

As you can see, we are home to several rare, exciting, memorable catches. You can find every dock here in Fisherman’s Wharf already prepared just for you. We have our Scat Cat and Wharf Cat available to you to rent, whether you are going on a family vacation or having an all-out party. It doesn’t matter! Just come down and celebrate, whatever the occasion, at the Port Aransas Jetties.