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Catch while Port Aransas charter fishingImagine catching a fish so large that you have trouble picking it up yourself, all while on a Port Aransas Black Grouper charter fishing! On a charter off the shores of Port Aransas, a fish was caught—weighing in at 82 pounds! They caught the Black Grouper while on a nine-hour chartered trip, something provided by Fisherman’s Wharf Port Aransas. Check out the photos; you can see how many fish were caught during our nine-hour adventure. The anglers weren’t done yet—even considering how many fish they already had. Britney Fechner had to throw out one more cast, and she succeeded when she did so. Britney caught an 82lb Black grouper! She was then able to take it home and gain bragging rights from the adventure. She isn’t in the attached images, but you can see the amazing catch side-by-side with everything else.

This man is holding an 82-pound Black Grouper, practically the size of him! That’s good eating!

Port Aransas charter fishing big catch

You can see the Black Grouper hanging next to all the other fish, at least three times bigger than the rest.

Grumbles Seafood Co.

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Deep Sea Fishing Charters

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