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Fishing Port Aransas: Strawberry Grouper

Port Aransas Fishing has provided many interesting catches in the ocean, including a fruity creature commonly known as the strawberry grouper.

The Port Aransas Strawberry Grouper

The Strawberry Grouper is an interesting type of fish. Unlike most groupers, it is a colorful red instead of a plain brownish tint. It also can be spotted (as seen in the photo), striped, and have just about any pattern. But, because it is a Grouper, it has the characteristics of one. Usually, a grouper on average is a little over three feet long, with large mouths and bodies that are even larger—they are also short and fat. Whereas a Strawberry Grouper on average is just under one foot. Something they have in common, however, is their ability to change colors depending on their mood. Imagine that! Depending on how the Strawberry Grouper feels, it will change the color of its skin. This Grouper also gets its name from its skin tone—a reddish, spotted tint that makes it look like a strawberry.Strawberry Grouper—Fishing in Port Aransas

The Port Aransas Strawberry Catch

Coming from about six hours out, Angler Brad Gilliam traveled from Burleson Texas to Port Aransas. Little did he know, he’d make a fruitful catch. With Captain Jake and the Scat Cat, Brad Gilliam set sail. After arriving at their destination twenty-nine miles offshore, the anglers prepared themselves for a day of Snapper fishing. However, they not only came home with their Snappers, but also with a Grouper. It was only soon after that Captain Jake and Angler Brad Gilliam came home from their offshore fishing experience on June 13th.

Fishing Port Aransas

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