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Daddy Daughter Port Aransas Fishing

Daddy-daughter Port Aransas fishing lingcod catch — Fisherman's Wharf

Traditions are something that fishing in Port Aransas has been keeping alive for many families. Another family is holding a tradition from the past generation; this tradition was set by a father who loved fishing very much. Dave started fishing on the Wharf Cat at only seven years old and has been fishing there ever since. Recently, he took his daughter fishing with him to keep a family tradition alive. Captain Ronnie of the Wharf Cat took them thirty-one miles offshore. Soon, they moved on to their mission of targeting red snappers. While they did catch numerous red snappers, their biggest prize was a large Ling. The daddy-daughter Port Aransas fishing charter was successful.

Ling is a long, slender fish with a large head and eyes. Although they are often called “Lingcod,” they actually aren’t related to cod. They can grow up to five feet long and be up to eighty pounds, and often they live up to twenty years. Often times, they are dark gray, greenish, or brown, with copper-like spots or mottling on their upper back. They have eighteen sharp, abnormally large teeth in their largemouth. Consequently, they earned the nickname “Buckethead.”

And so, on June 23rd, Dave had his offshore daddy-daughter Port Aransas fishing trip.

Grumbles Seafood Co.

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