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Port Aransas Snapper Fishing

Port Aransas Snapper Fishing catch

Every year, from June to July, Port Aransas snapper fishing is in full swing. During this season, snappers come closer to the surface and are caught in shockingly large amounts. On June 8th, 2021, the Scat Cat brought seventy-six anglers aboard. Soon, it traveled with its men and women, arriving thirty miles out from the shore. While Captain Ronnie and his crew were aboard the Scat Cat, they worked hard to make the experience a memorable one. Later, after a day’s hard work and toil, all fishermen and fisherwomen alike had caught their limit of Red Snappers. Thanks to Captain Ronnie and the crew, another successful Red Snapper season was jumpstarted.

The Scat Cat, Captain Ronnie, his crew, and all seventy-six anglers alike had reached a perfect limit for their fishing. Port Aransas Snapper Fishing had brought a complete season to the men and women aboard the one-and-only Scat Cat. This, however, was only the beginning! June 8th is really only the start of the season for many anglers, for the season goes through July. In summary, this was only a kick-off for the season, and Captain Ronnie began the year with a great trip!

Grumbles Seafood Co.

Feeling peckish after a long day of offshore fishing? Head to our restaurant where you’ll enjoy ocean front dining with the freshest catch in town. Grumbles is a fast casual restaurant where families and fisherman alike can come “as they are” directly from the beach or the boat. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Port Aransas Harbor from our large, covered deck and watch the boats return from a day of fishing as they unload their catch each afternoon. After all, you’ve already unloaded your catch!

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Ready for your own fresh-caught adventure off the coast of Port Aransas? Check out our deep sea fishing charters today. Our captains are looking forward to making your trip memorable.