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The return of cooler weather this week has not stopped the great inshore bite on redfish. The higher than normal tides have pushed some really good water into the bays and have brought with it more and more bait including large schools of menhaden. There have been great catches of reds from the end of the jetties all the way into the ferry landing on mullet and menhaden. The other interesting thing is that the cooler push of water has brought in some flounder as well. If you can find a sandy spot along the edge of the major channels with some water movement, they have been holding quite a few fish. When the boats have made it offshore this week it seems like the wahoo bite has slowed down a bit. Not sure if this is the signal of the end of season or if it is just a temporary thing. Offshore it was announced that the Gulf of Mexico Angling Category Quote for bluefin tuna has been reached and the season closes Thursday 4/16 at midnight. You can catch them, but have to let them go at this point.