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The big news is that the weather window has allowed boats to make it out to the floaters for some great tuna action. There were great catches of yellowfin reported over the last 2 days as well as at least 3 giant bluefin tuna being caught out of Texas. There was an 820 pound fish caught that is the new pending State Record along with a 649 pound fish weighed in using one of our construction fork lifts. Congratulations to this great family on their catch. To put it into perspective, the yellowfin held on the right is an 82 pounder, which is a great fish in its own right. Added to this, there have been some blue marlin caught at the floaters while live baiting. With all of these big bluefin being caught, we anticipate that the recreational quota for bluefin is going to be met pretty quickly, so get out and get them while you can.