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Fall fishing in the Gulf of Mexico can be an extremely rewarding experience, both for beginners and seasoned professionals. The Gulf offers a generous supply of fish that can make fishing in the region a family-friendly activity, especially during the fall. Keep reading to find out why you should include Port Aransas fishing in your list of activities this fall. 

What Makes Fall Fishing Stand Out in the Gulf of Mexico?

The fall is the time of year when the temperatures start to drop, which is usually associated with decreased wildlife activity. However, this is not the case in the Gulf, where temperatures tend to be the warmest of the year during September, October, and November. This means that many species migrate to the Gulf during this period, making it even easier to have a great day fishing.

What Species Are Available for Fishing in the Fall?

The Gulf is home to many fish species year-round, but the most popular species in the fall are:

  • Redfish: Also known as red drum, this is the most abundant fish species in the Gulf as they migrate from the cooler waters of the bays of the Gulf Coast. 
  • Flounder: Flounders are also abundant in the Gulf during the fall, making them one of the top choices for bottom fishers. You can also practice flounder gigging as a nighttime fall gulf fishing activity.
  • Trout: You can find plenty of trout in the Gulf towards the end of the fall. November is a great time to fish for trout as they begin their second spawning season.

Tips for a Successful Fall Fishing Trip in the Gulf

Although the fall is an excellent time to go fishing in the Gulf, you should still take some measures to ensure a successful fishing excursion. Here are three tips to consider when going on a fall fishing trip in the Gulf.

1. Wear Plenty of Sun Protection

Although the temperatures may drop in most of the country, the fall can be the warmest and sunniest time of the year in the Gulf. Remember to wear a hat and bring plenty of sunscreen to prevent any sun damage.

2. Dress in Layers

Although the temperature is likely to be hot, a strong ocean breeze could quickly turn a warm morning into a chilly afternoon. Bring layers so you can adjust accordingly, and do not forget to ring a good windbreaker.

3. Bring Everything You Need

Our prices include the boarding fare, bait, and tackle. However, depending on the length of your fishing trip, you may also want to bring snacks, drinks or a full meal. Our cabins include restrooms and a full-service concession bar in case you forget anything.

Go Fishing With the Very Best From Fisherman’s Wharf at Port Aransas

If you are ready to plan your next fall fishing excursion, then do not hesitate to book a trip from Fisherman’s Wharf at Port Aransas. We offer a variety of fishing trips, from a short 6-hour trip to an overnight 56-hour excursion. Contact us today, and we will be happy to answer any questions.