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If you’re looking for a winter getaway with warmer weather, beautiful beaches, and a little bit of adventure, look no further than Port Aransas, Texas. Here, you can get a taste of island life while sampling all the area has to offer, like exploring the waterways, trying your hand at several water sports, or experiencing the thrill of a bay fishing trip. If you’re ready for a unique, family-friendly, and affordable adventure, get ready to see all Port Aransas offers.

Get to Know Aransas Bay

The Aransas Bay system is actually made up of two estuaries, Aransas Bay and Redfish Bay, as well as several secondary and tertiary bays. Aransas Bay connects with Mesquite Bay in the north, Corpus Christi Bay in the south, and Copano Bay in the west. The only thing between Aransas Bay and the Gulf of Mexico is San José Island.

Aransas Bay is one of the seven significant estuaries that run along the Texas Gulf Coast. Because of its position, it gets an influx of freshwater from the Aransas and Mission Rivers and saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico. Some parts of the bay have a low salinity level, between 5 to 15 parts per thousand (ppt) of saltwater, while other parts reach levels of 30 to 35. The average salinity of Aransas Bay is between 15 and 25 ppt, making it a great spot for a number of different fish species.

Fishing in Aransas Bay

Bay fishing in Aransas Bay is a great option when it comes to winter fishing. Many anglers choose to stick closer to the shore in the colder months to avoid any choppy weather out at sea. With temps in the 60s, the weather is still nice enough to enjoy a trip around the bay in search of black drums, speckled trout, and several varieties of sharks. Anglers will also find plenty of flounder and redfish as they travel to the Gulf for the spawning season.

Aransas Bay is one of the top destinations for fishing in all of Texas due to the abundance of fish that can be found year-round. There are also several options when it comes to fishing: wading, kayaking, or a fishing charter. While all of these can be thrilling experiences, a fishing charter with a guide worth their salt is an excursion that just can’t be beat.

Bay Fishing with Fisherman’s Wharf

Fishermen’s Wharf in Port Aransas has the perfect bay fishing trip for you and your family to cast a line and try inshore fishing in Aransas Bay. We’ll take you out on the Wharf Cat, one of the biggest, safest, and most stable boats in all of Port A. Not only that, it’s the fastest boat in the harbor, too, meaning that you’ll get more time out on the bay to fish, birdwatch, spot dolphins, and enjoy the natural wonders of Aransas Bay.

Our Bay Fishing Trip is a great way for anglers of all ages, levels, and abilities to enjoy an inshore fishing trip. We’ll take you out for 3 hours providing everything you need for a day out at sea. Give us a call or book online to start your winter fishing adventure now!