About San José Island?

San José Island, is a private island with public access only permitted on the beach below the vegetation line. The good news is that’s where all the fun is, from fishing to shelling to birding to crabbing. Or take a walk on the beach, have a picnic, and relax on the beach. Locals and tourist visit the island’s North Jetty everyday to fish, which many claim is some of the best angling around.

This island is only 2 miles wide at it’s widest point but it’s golden undeveloped beaches stretch 21 miles uninterrupted. This hidden treasure is located just north of Port Aransas and is a quick 5 minute ferry ride on the Jetty Boat from Fisherman’s Wharf’s dock.


  • Birding
    Continue your Port Aransas Birding experience by visiting San José Island.

    Get a view of pelagic species and numerous coastal birds from the shores of this island's coastline.
  • Fishing
    Everyday locals and tourist visit the island to fish from the shoreline or the rocky North Jetty.

    Word is...some of the best fishing happens on this island's jetty.
  • Beach Life
    From swimming to surfing. From relaxing on the beach to taking a stroll for sand dollars.

    These 21 miles of undeveloped beach has a little for everyone.

San José Island Ferry Schedule


6:30 am| 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 am
12 Noon | 2 pm | 4 pm


10:10 am | 12:10 pm | 2:10pm
4:10 pm | 6 pm


Adults $12 | Children $6


1 Card | 10 Roundtrips | $100

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A Glimpse of San José Island

To get to San José Island you will need to take a quick 5 minute ferry ride on the Jetty Boat. All ferry trips for San José depart from and return to the Fisherman’s Wharf dock. We accept walk-ons as long as space is available but highly encourage you to make reservations.

From what to bring, to renting a cart – check out more details in our FAQ:

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